Making the switch to Natural Deodorant

Making the switch to Natural Deodorant

Making the switch to Natural Deodorant


As we launch our range of natural deodorants I wanted to write a post on the downside of switching to natural deodorant.


The transitional period.


Let me start again.


Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants that you buy in the chemist or drugstore are designed to prevent sweating. The aluminium in these products effectively block the sweat glands and stop them from producing sweat.


Sweat is a perfectly natural bodily function.



Sweating is our bodies way of regulating temperature and cooling itself. We also secrete waste through sweat. Think of that time you had the flu or a hangover and sweated all day. Its a perfectly natural function of our body.


So let’s talk about the SMELL. No one wants to smell of body odour – I mean we all suffered from haphazard body odours during puberty and the thought of going back there again is simply horrifying. Basically, sweat doesn’t smell. In fact, it’s the bacteria in sweat that causes the smell. So if you keep yourself clean you won’t have an issue.


Trust me. I’ve been suffering for 10 years from excessive sweating as part of my fibromyalgia and medications. At one point I was wearing a roll on, antiperspirant spray, body spray and perfume to help mask the smell of body odour caused by the excessive sweating during the day. Summer was a nightmare!


This is why I personally have spent months developing this formulation for our natural deodorants. It works.


Now back to the transition period.


As we detox our bodies from the blocked sweat glands and the aluminium laced antiperspirants we are going to smell. It’s natural and totally unavoidable.


The transition period can last a few weeks. Mine lasted a few days. Some people feel that the odour can get worse after a couple of days as the body realises what is happening and responds. Don’t worry if this happens it is perfectly natural and will subside.



So how can we make the move easier?


  1. Apply a clay mask. Using a mask under the arms designed to draw out impurities will help. You can choose either our clay mask or one of your own. Clay is best but others may work too.
  2. Use soap designed to help keep skin clean and free from impurities. Again I would recommend our Charcoal, Tea tree and Lemongrass soap here. It has been designed to cleanse the skin thoroughly, prevent buildup in the pores and the tea tree is antibacterial.
  3. Diet – yes it all comes back to what we eat. Remember how we mentioned that our sweat glands secrete waste? Eating healthily can help to detoxify you from the inside out.
  4. Give yourself a quick underarm wash during the day and reapply your natural deodorant.


The body can take up to 30 days to fully detoxify itself which can be daunting but I promise you the change is worth it. I personally sweat less now than I did before even though nothing has changed except my deodorant.


You can shop our range of natural deodorants here


Let us know how you got on switching to natural deodorant. We would love to hear about it.


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